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20 best office design

20 best office design


3ROUNDBURST is a fully integrated production and design studio that provides a one-stop service for digital and video content. 3ROUNDBURST specialize in bringing a unique visual style to our projects and infusing a fresh look into branding strategies.


AKQA IS UNDOUBTEDLY one of the world’s leading creative agencies. It employs hundreds of creatives, it has won numerous awards and boasts a portfolio packed with big name brands. The company was formed back in 1995, originally titled Digital Marketing, by current chairman Ajaz Ahmed along with three associates..

Big In Japan

Big in Japan Inc. is a mobile application publishing company based in Dallas, Texas. Our developers build applications for mobile devices including Google’s Android platform, Apple’s iPhone, RIM, Windows Mobile and Palm’s Pre. Their team supports the requirements and needs of consumers, developers and advertisers. Their core focus is on publishing applications developed either in-house or by third party developers. On occasion they will do client development if the project is compelling. Past clients include FOX Television, FX Network, LEGO, TechData, The Federal Reserve, Visa and MTV.


Clearleft is a world-class team of designers and creative technologists. Clearleft made it their goal to advance the field of user experience through our writing, conferences and the quality of their work. This is why they’ve gained a reputation as one of the most experienced UX consultancies working today.

Dusted Design

Dusted is a specialist integrated design consultancy with offices in London, UK and downtown Charlotte, NC. Dusted Design has a diverse range of clients from fashion to high finance. As a team, their enthusiasm, skill-set and industry experience in branding and design.


DynamIt is a Columbus, Ohio based web engineering, design and development firm focused on creating usable, efficient websites and web applications. dynamIt maintains a smaller, multi-disciplined team to collaborate on each project. The company's backgrounds include business strategy, marketing, graphic design, music, physics, pure and applied mathematics and computer science. The company is passionate about web and excited by new trends and web technologies. The company's team thrives on challenges and dedicates its diverse skill-set to achieving client goals..


Fog Creek is a New York City based software company located on 55 Broadway. They focus on creating an inspiring and functional atmosphere for their employees with great furnishings and an in-office library.

Google: Dublin

Google’s Dublin campus is more of what the public has come to expect from Google’s office environments. That being said, the office remains unlike any other — with its outdoor meeting area and unique furniture.


The Taiwanese based company’s products have been celebrated for their hardware solutions for VOiP programs (such as Skype) for personal and professional use. Designed by XTRANGE, the office has moss-like covered walls and plenty of in-office greenery.


IZEA is a Florida-based social marketing company focused on word of mouth marketing campaigns. Check out their colorful offices!

Madison Ave Collective

Covering mediums from print to web based, Madison Ave Collective identify themselves as “freelance creatives” and “geeks”. The Oregon-based office was actually remodeled by the employees and embodies much of their culture; be sure to check out the custom painted mural.

One Mighty Roar

One Mighty Roar is a Massachusetts-based web development and design company. Home to blogs such as Build Internet and the Nonsense Society, the recently renovated workspace now showcases their signature purple accents.

Red Door Interactive

Red Door Interactive is a web development company located in Denver, Colorado. The offices are highlighted by sliding doors and tons of open space.

Three Melons

The company behind the web-based LEGO Indiana Jones games is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Much like One Mighty Roar, the Three Melons office has a strong presence of their signature color (in this case, a lime green accent) across the office.

Traction Marketing Group

The Traction Marketing Group has such a unique and interesting office. Self-described as a “creative incubator”, the Traction workspace is highlighted by its converted warehouse appeal and plenty of color.


The premier online broadcast company located in Petaluma, California.  The converted cottage is home to the studio where the network’s shows are recorded and produced.


This micro-blogging platform has quickly become a household name, and this rapid growth has led to an office move for the organization. The new offices span over several floors and offer plenty of Twitter-themed artwork.


The Croatia based web development company has an office highlighted by modern furnishing, a back-lit bookcase and a huge outdoor terrace.

Yahoo: Barcelona

Yahoo’s Barcelona campus has a Jackson Pollack feel to it as many walls are splattered with paint (in a stylish way) and is well-lit with tons of windows.


Zurb is a design company focused on culture. Located in Campbell, California, the so-called “Zurbians” have worked with Facebook, Photobucket and the NYSE. They have a workspace that reflects their culture with themed rooms and plenty of color.


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