Building Confidence in Business

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Confidence is an important capital in the business. Rarely people who successfully build a business without a certain level of confidence. Not too easy to build this confidence. Understandably, the "disease not confident" hit anyone-from the young to the elderly, from level employees to business leaders. However, confidence is a major capital in building business success.

Again, I refer to blog posts from the Harvard Business Review (HBR). Amy Gallo, HBR columnist, wrote an interesting article titled "How to Build Confidence." There are some things that deserve attention in building this confidence.

1. Preparation

Preparation alias preparation becomes a critical stage. A piano teacher, says Amy Gallo wrote, once said "practice makes perfect." The best way to build trust for a talent or a job is the energy invested in it and work hard. Many people despair because they do not consider themselves capable and good for certain tasks or jobs. This viewpoint would finally make people infertile in employment. The practice will be very useful and highly recommended because it will build quality. Practice your presentation before the presentation day arrived. Operate your store before opening a new store. People will be confident in doing things because it has well prepared and cooked.

2. Get out of your own way

People who believe themselves not just have the will to practice. They also have the courage to accept the reality that they can not know all things. Gruenfeld has said better to know that we need help rather than not. In essence, this trust can be built by learning from other parties. We need guidance and support. On the other hand, trust is built when we can realize our values ​​in front of others. Including this belief woke up when we have goals.

3. Get feedback Pls you need it

We need the input of others to test and validate the strength of ideas and our principles. Gruenfeld suggested that we ask someone who cares about our self-development including the development of performance. They could be a good place to ask.

4. Take risks

The courage to take risks into the spirit of the winners and not losers. Try anything, including who we think we can not do it. Failure is very useful to build this trust. Never be afraid to fail. This is ditandaskan by Gruenfeld.

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