5 Best Exhibition Stand Designs

If you are now looking for examples of exhibition stand with best designs, then these are 5 Best Exhibition Stand Designs. All the examples I chose for your needs in choosing mockup model for you and as source of ideas and reference designs for your business.

1. Exhibition Stand Design - Futuristic House Komb by Karim Rashid

The house located in Cairo Komb futuristic innovation by the presence of furniture with a mixture of straight and curved a good deal of asymmetry. The development of this project decoration is the hallmark of Karim Rashid and includes diversification of materials and especially color characteristics of the designer. This exhibition space environments in Egypt has to sleep, play, eat, and a host of others, to make the project ready to meet the daily needs of a conventional house.

2. Exhibition Stand Design - Galerie BSL by Noe Duchaufour Lawrance, Paris

For the BSL Gallery, the designer took another look at the essential white cube, a model used for contemporary art, not adapted to the needs of a design gallery. the designer proposed a sequential spiral in white Corian, a functional sculpture extrapolated to the dimensions of architecture.

3. Exhibition Stand Design - Lattice style design 

Examples of exhibition stands designed using a lattice style. Maybe inspired by the Gherkin building in London although there are plenty of buildings with a similar architectural use of the lattice. Lots of architectural design can be seen in exhibition stand designs.

4. Exhibition Stand Design - Medium Exhibition by _ lansa

5. Exhibition Stand Design - Temporary Art Pavillion 4F-K ArchDoc

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